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Our family is so grateful you have visited us today!

About Us

And Gold is more than just a boutique with beautiful clothes. We are passionate about much so that a large portion of our proceeds is donated to our favorite non profit organization, which is a privately funded school.  While we love all things gold, helping children to succeed will always be the passion and mission of And Gold.

Our Story

But why the name, And Gold?


My grandma had quite the affinity for all things gold and sparkly. Although she lived a humble life, she never missed an opportunity to dress in her favorite sequins and gold, even if she was only going to church or the grocery store. Well, this apple doesn’t fall far from that tree! I cannot remember a time when glitter and gold didn’t catch my eye, even as a little girl. My wedding colors were, you guessed it, white and gold.

Somehow, the “and gold” always found its place in my life.

Fast forward many years and I am a blessed mother of four amazing girls.  Dressing my girls in glitter and gold has been such a thrill and joy in my life. And so, after years of searching for attractive, modest clothing, I left my career to pursue my passion. That is, finding beautiful, modest clothes, home decor, and a little gold.

We are small, family owned and operated, and located in Nashville. 

We feel completely honored that you have visited us today and we hope you always seek to find beauty (and gold) in this wonderful journey we are so blessed to call life.



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